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Grains of Paradise, also known as Aframomum melegueta, is part of the ginger family that has strong antioxidant properties. Grains of paradise has strong healing and antioxidant properties that is used to remedy a variety of ailments. The most notable benefits are boosting metabolism, reducing inflammation, and treatment of gastrointestinal issues. 


Paradoxine is the most concentrated extract of grains of paradise, which is a powerful antioxidant herb. Paradoxine is the preferred choice because it is the only Grains of Paradise extract that has actual human research behind it (STD. to 12.5% 6-paradol).

How does Paradoxine Work?


The aromatic ketones in grains of paradise, especially 6-paradol and 6-gingerol, have demonstrated a capacity to convert regular fat cells, or WAT (white adipose tissues) into BAT (brown adipose tissues). WAT is the sites of energy storage, while BAT is responsible for cold-and diet-induced thermogenesis, which helps to control body-energy expenditure, as well as body fat content.


Paradise extract has been proven to promote WAT transformation into BAT. In effect, grains of paradise reduces the body’s fat stores while increasing its ability to perform thermogenesis, and thus, sustain exercise and improve body composition.

Paradoxine Benefits


The primary supplemental use of Paradoxine is to support fat loss. Grains of paradise have a natural capacity to trigger thermogenesis and increase energy expenditure. Expediting this process, Paradoxine can promote a faster metabolism and ultimately help reduce fat content. 


Though not the main use of Paradoxine, its bioactive ingredients have demonstrated the potential to act like a nootropic and enhance brain health. To be specific, 6-paradol helps protect brain cells against inflammation and antioxidation for better long-term health and function. 


Paradoxine manufacturer, Suzhou Win Health International Clinical, has an established research program with clinical trials underway since 2016. The following studies confirm the potential of grains of paradise extracts such as Paradoxine to facilitate fat loss through thermogenesis.

Grains of Paradise (40 mg) May Decrease Body Fat

In this randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled investigation, 19 men received either a placebo or 40 mg of a 95% grains of paradise extract and then exposed to extreme cold for 2 hours. The 12 participants who were positive for brown adipose tissue had significantly greater energy expenditure than those in the placebo group.

The researchers concluded that “grains of paradise extract, like capsaicin and capsinoids, may be a potential tool for increasing brown adipose tissue thermogenesis and decreasing body fat.”

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Grains of paradise (30 mg) May Reduce

Stomach Fat In Females

In this randomized, single-blinded, placebo-controlled investigation, 19 females received either a placebo or 30 mg of a 95% grains of paradise extract daily for 4 weeks. The grains of paradise group had significantly decreased fat accumulation in the abdomen, whereas the placebo group had slightly increased abdominal fat. However, neither grains of paradise nor the placebo seemed to have a strong impact on overall fat levels.


The researchers concluded that “daily ingestion of grains of paradise extract increases whole-body energy expenditure and decreases visceral fat in young non-obese females.”

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